Heating meters, cooling meters and combined heating/cooling meters

Economic and flexible in use. Impeller counters are especially suitable for cost-conscious and proven measuring technology and are available as compact counters and measuring capsule meters. Modern, hard-wearing ultrasound counters are ideal for demanding, future-proof purposes and are available with thread and flange connections - communication.


Cold water and hot water counters

Long-lasting and efficient. Both the compact counter and the popular measuring capsule meters can be extended using the customer's preferred communication module. The portfolio ranges from a small impeller counter for apartments to a flanged mainframe with ultrasound technology.


Heat cost allocators

Compact, discreet and extremely efficient with regard to data transmission. Still the most proven and reliable measurement method for logging individualised heat consumption in older buildings equipped with radiators. Modern electronic wireless, walk-by or drive-by heat cost allocators are highly reliable and guarantee an efficient data readout.


Communication elements

Future-oriented wireless and cloud-based systems and modern control systems enable individualised readout options, regardless of whether as centralised local readouts, modern and cost-conscious walk-by or drive-by technology, or remote readouts via the internet. 



Our product range

This portal will soon offer an access point to our digital product platform with detailed information on:

  • Electronic heat cost allocators
  • Cold and hot water counters
  • Combined cooling and heating meters
  • Communication system
  • Special meters
  • Heating meters

You can contact our Sales Project Manager at any time should you have any questions.