We draw from the past to the benefit of the future

1865 - The origins

Joachim Rapp establishes a construction business in Hochstrasse in Basel, the company's current headquarters.


1896 - W. & J. Rapp & Cie.

His two sons, Wilhelm and Joachim, continue to run the business under the name W. & J. Rapp & Cie.


1903 - Tram line Basel - Dornachbrugg

Rapp designs and builds the Birseckbahn tram line from Basel to Dornachbrugg via Arlesheim.


1908 - Expansion of Switzerland's railway network

Rapp carries out earthworks and erects engineering structures during the construction of the Swiss railway line Dagmersellen - Nebikon and the Sissach-Gelterkinden line.

r-Geschichte-1908_Ausbau Bahnnetz

1916 - Pipeline construction in the Rhine

Rapp designs and builds a number of reservoirs, pump stations, conditioning plants, distribution networks and control systems in Northwestern Switzerland.

r-Geschichte-1916_Rohrleitung im Rhein
  • 1934 - First subsidiary in Muttenz

    Foundation of the first subsidiary in Muttenz. Additional subsidiaries are founded successively in the region.

  • 1946 - The company becomes a limited liability company

    The company is converted into a stock corporation.

1960 - The era of large-scale motorway projects

Rapp plays a major role in the construction of various sections between 1960 and 1975, among them: project and construction management for the N2 Belchen Südrampe, N3 Wollerau-Pfäffikon and Rheinfelden-Effingen. Studies and project management for the eastern by-pass of the N2 eastern bypass in Basel.

Strong expansion of the engineering sector as of 1960.

  • 1974 - Founding of Robert-Grandpierre et Rapp SA

    Rapp begins traffic planning operations in west Switzerland.

1978 - New office building for company headquarters

Rapp and Coop jointly construct new premises at the Hochstrasse site.


1988 - Consumption-based heating cost billing

The subsidiary Rapp Wärmetechnik AG is founded for this area.


1992 - Split from the construction company

Rapp transfers the construction activities to the company Rapp + Glanzmann Tiefbau AG (today Anliker AG) and thus becomes an outright planning company called Rapp AG Ingenieure + Planer.

  • 1992 - Expansion into the EU area

    Rapp acquires Regioplan GmbH in Lörrach (Germany).

  • 1998 - Corporate structure based on partnership

    Rapp creates a corporate structure based on partnership. Active members of the company's board are made partners.

2001 - Expansion in the surveying sector

Rapp expands the competence field of surveying and geographic information systems through the acquisition of Ammann AG, Basel.


2003 - New holding structure

Rapp develops a new structure with four operating companies and a service company under the umbrella of a holding.

r-Geschichte-2003_neues Erscheinungsbild

2006 - Reinforcing the architecture/general planning sector

Rapp Group complements its competence in the field of architecture and general planning by acquiring the company Arcoplan Generalplanung AG.

  • 2009 - Dynamic expansion

    The support structure planning company Burger & Partner Ingenieure AG joins Rapp Group. An interest acquired in the company OTB AG extends the range of services in the field of organisation and process planning. Three years later, the company changes its name to Rapp OTB AG.

  • 2011 - Further expansion in the field of architectural competence

    Architecture office toffolpartner AG is acquired and subsequently integrated in Rapp Arcoplan in 2012.

2013 - Development of building technology competence

Rapp Group acquires a majority shareholding in gb consult ag to add integral building technology planning to its portfolio.


2014 - New market appearance

The Rapp Group restructures its portfolio within the framework of a rebranding. The focus shifts from individual companies to integral fields of competence.

r-Geschichte-2014_neuer Marktauftritt

2016 - New office location in the Transitlager building

Around 160 workplaces are relocated from Hochstrasse to the Dreispitzareal site and a number of local sites are closed. The Building competence field is consolidated at the Transitlager building.


2016 - 120 years of Rapp

The local construction business has meanwhile developed into a leading Swiss planning and consulting enterprise. The Rapp family, now in the 4th and 5th generation, remains the majority shareholder.

r-Geschichte-2016_120 Jahre Rapp_Logo

2018 - Building Information Modelling (BIM) is integrated in the organisation

An interdisciplinary project team assesses the comprehensive integration of digital planning with BIM in existing structures and defines corresponding standards.

r-Geschichte-2018-BIM at Rapp_logo

2018 – Into the Rapp future with a new structure

From 1 October 2018, the Rapp Group will be led by a newly formed Group Management team. The Managing Directors of the operating companies come together to form the Group Management team and assume responsibility for achieving the corporate objectives.  The company currently known as Rapp Management Ltd will be renamed Rapp Services Ltd.



Foto: Daniel Ammann

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