Structure & Organisation

Under the umbrella of a single holding, Rapp Group unites six operating companies offering integral planning and consultancy services from a single source and specialised skills custom-designed to each customer's specific requirements.

Our operating companies

  • Rapp Architects Ltd:
    Architecture and general planning
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  • Rapp Infra Ltd:
    Structural and civil engineering, geomatics
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  • Rapp Building Technology Ltd:
    HVACS planning, energy concepts
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  • Rapp Industrial Planners Ltd:
    Operations and logistics planning
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  • Rapp Trans Ltd:
    Mobility, traffic, Transport
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  • Rapp Enserv Ltd:
    Consumption cost Management
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  • Rapp Services Ltd:
    Internal Services
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Rapp Holding

As the Group's holding company, Rapp Ltd holds the majority of shares in each operating company and is itself in the majority ownership of the founding family. 12.5% of its shares are widely distributed throughout the workforce via a foundation. Executive employees participate in their respective operating company as partners.


Career at Rapp

Recognising and developing potential

We offer our employees an environment that encourages them to be both creative and innovative. Plan your career oder career start with us!

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