Room Heat Counter

Room heat counters capture heat consumption data in autonomous heating systems independently of the network.

This electronic, network-independent impeller meter for logging heat consumption in autonomous heating systems has a nominal flow rate of 0.6 – 2.5m3/h. It is available with optional communication modules and in different (horizontal or vertical) installation lengths. It also features optical interfaces with specifically adjustable parameters and a self-diagnosis function.

WFM heat meter

Special Meters

Group meters, heat meters for large measurement points and ultrasound meters, for cold and hot water systems, LCD display, volume measuring unit, up to max. 90° or 130° C, up to max. PN 16, etc

Ultrasound heat meters

Compact or split model for water; temperatures up to 130°C maximum; computer unit with LCD display in MWh; freely selectable reporting date; 13 months of data storage; mains or battery operation; Pt 100 temperature sensor Ø 6mm; cable length 1.2 m

Group heat meter / large measurement points

Compact or split design; LCD display in MWh; storage of monthly values; power supply 230 VAC via M-Bus or 10-year lithium battery. Volume measurement component; multi-jet impeller flow meter with Reed 10L pulse generator; max. medium temperature +90°C to 130°C, PN16

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